We shoud always respect our elders

Join our list Meaning of Respecting the Elderly Respect is the basic component of all cordial relations. Disrespect is the denial of approval or recognition of another person. An elder is someone who has retired and is usually over the age of sixty-five years, though this age may vary because different countries may have their own official age for retirement.

We shoud always respect our elders

Pro I thank thee and wish Con best of luck. I accept the definitions as stated, and I will be arguing that we should not respect our elders. I will remind you, however, that while there has been no specific meaning given to the context of "elder," I would like to say that it should be centered mainly upon our current generation of elders, rather than deceased ones in the past.

It served no purpose other than a general reminder to the public, with no distinction being bared as to the actions being done to respect our elders. Much like in the sense of respecting our elders, where we are obligated but not necessitated to do so, the UN Committee told the public the very same thing, that they are obligated to follow their working declaration, even if that meant no legal consequence would be suffered if people did not do as acted.

Respect is a choice. While everyone should respect another, the conditions met in order to attain respect will vary. With that in mind, I will present my contentions. We all have elders, whether we like them or not.

How our elders have treated us in the past will affect how we treat them. Say you had an abusive father, or an alcoholic mother. Assume that whilst you were young, they never cared for you, or provided for you. If you were in this kind of parent-child relationship, would you want to respect your elders, given the substantial amount of abusive that was incurred?

Being old does not mean you should be respected. Let's assume if Hitler were still alive, which he probably wouldn't given that WW2 occurred over many decades ago. But let's just say he was alive, and well into the s.

That would make him one of the oldest elders living. But lets just say he was alive. Would you respect him, no matter what, if the UN Declaration ofwhich was drafted 3 years after the end of WW2, said to treat all humanity with the same degree of respection?

Also, lets take our species in retrospect. We are a very young species by a geological time scale. Should we respect sharks, who, if I'm right, have evolved and existed for a much longer time than we have?

Take a look at the world around you. So many people have a profound hatred towards sharks, and many sharks are being hunted every day in spite of no reason whatsoever, only because they are generally thought to be man-eating animals who prey on us humans.

We shoud always respect our elders

Who is the one that is getting the respect, and who should be deserving of the respect? Why respect the generation that made us into whom we are. Why respect the people who lynched blacks in public, who threw rocks at black children while they were walking to school, who got the younger generation into this current state of economic debt, where they will presumably suffer far more devastating effects than their elders have.

Every generation must stand on its own. It is time we threw the Old People out of positions of authority in this society and turn it over to young people.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on We Shoud Always Respect Our Elders.

My opponent asks the question of why we should respect the elders who made us into who we are. I hold the answer to this question to be almost self-explanatory.

Without the previous generation, we would not exist as the people we currently exist as. I was always taught to respect the elders – weren’t you?

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Even if we don’t take it that way, we should be respecting the elderly because we want our kids to respect us, we should just be doing it out of the honor we have for them, or their age and the years of experience they have.

Here are some ways to show your appreciation and respect. Manners Around the Elderly. By Debby Mayne.

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Updated 04/02/ Pin Share Email FredFroese / Getty Images. When approaching or greeting your elders, always make eye contact. This shows that you acknowledge their presence.

This response comes from a US perspective. We give respect to our military members and veterans, but it wasn't always that way. During the Vietnam War era, military members were vilified, morale was low, there were protests not only against the wa.

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