Vision of home essay

Ensure student success through retention, persistence, completion, and transfer Access Ensure all Pinal County residents and others have access to high quality innovative post-secondary opportunities Workforce Ensure students acquire the skills necessary for job placement and that meet employer needs in Pinal County and Region Community Ensure Pinal County residents have access to lifelong learning and cultural enrichment Environment Ensure a safe, sustainable environment that promotes learning, communication, diversity and satisfaction among students and employees. Central Arizona College supports student success and academic achievement by providing a high quality education which integrates continuous improvement strategies in teaching and learning.

Vision of home essay

Any journey begins with just one step. But without a clear picture of the destination, that step is likely to be in the wrong direction. The journey to school improvement and student achievement is no different.

Everyone involved— administrators, teachers, students, parents, and members of the community—need to develop a focused image Vision of home essay the goal and create a map that will lead them there together. This concept, known as shared vision, fosters success because everyone becomes part of the process, understanding and believing in his or her role in the day-to-day pursuits of Vision of home essay students learn in productive ways.

Vision of home essay

All have ownership in that ideal and are committed to change. The top administrator in a district or school guides the process and perhaps even introduces his or her own mental image of what students can achieve and what the school could become after its implementation.

They are no longer circling around and around like a dog trying to get settled on his bed. Developing a shared vision is not an instant process, however. Superintendents and principals must dedicate the time and energy to become familiar with the idea. Novices are often convinced they have the perfect solution for improving their learning communities and then expect their staff to embrace the plan and do whatever is necessary to make that personal objective come to fruition.

This requires administrators to develop skills in communication and leadership and instill those qualities in their staff, remembering that individuals affected by decisions need to be a part of making them. The Devil Is in the Details Hord encourages teachers and administrators to understand how to achieve their vision by helping them generate a detailed word picture called an Innovation Configuration IC Map.

The map portrays major components of a program and the highest ideal of implementation of those components, illustrating exactly what the approach should be. It also identifies levels of implementation of a program or innovation to describe what implementation may look like at different stages see page 23 for different people involved.

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Thompson has seen another unexpected benefit: They discovered ELL students were not really literate in either language. Rio Grande Elementary teachers are working toward their vision by changing instruction to make sure all students learn to communicate effectively and by setting high expectations for all students.

Students need to understand the concepts and be able to apply those concepts. Continuously Communicate and Articulate Hord agrees that a shared vision of improvement for schools that establishes expectations is an essential step for creating meaningful change.

It may be necessary for principals and superintendents to encourage, push, persuade, and support all involved to move toward the shared vision. Some faculty and staff refuse to take on the challenge of the change that is required for a school or district to achieve its vision.

It is rare when percent of those involved will be working in concert at any given time. However, it is important for administrators to listen to the naysayers because they may express some valid concerns.

She also says that recognizing and celebrating success is always beneficial in building morale and positive energy. Sharing the vision can also mean sharing leadership roles.

While the concept of the original shared vision may remain the same, its implementation will most certainly evolve over time.

Instruction should be refined as activities are evaluated, determining which work well and which need to be tweaked or replaced. Patience is mandatory in this process, however. There is no magical transformation overnight, with noticeable results often taking 3 years to achieve in this trial-and-evaluate cycle.

But you have to keep sailing!

Vision of home essay

Mapping the configurations of mathematics teaching. Journal of Classroom Interaction, 34 118— The use of Innovation Configuration Maps in assessing implementation. ED Hall, G. Patterns, principles, and potholes 2nd Ed. Measuring implementation in schools: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.

However, creating an IC Map has quite a few steps. Readers interested in developing such a map should refer to the suggested reading list at the right.

The partial map shown here is an example of what an IC Map looks like. Before developing an IC Map, faculty and staff must come to agreement about what everyone needs to do to reach that vision.

In this example, the IC Map shows what teachers will be doing to reach the shared vision of having every family involved.

First Vision Accounts

The practices shown on the map, from left to right, range from the ideal to least desirable practice. Teacher implements strategies to increase family or caregiver involvement.Sep 01,  · Gospel Topics Essays.

Essay on Iloveyou and Peripheral Vision. constant beep sounds to my side, reminding me how weak my heart has become. With my peripheral vision I catch a glimpse of an elderly man wheeling through the halls in his wheelchair. The Vision, Values & Goals of Wells Fargo details the enduring principles that guide all Wells Fargo team members in the work they do every day — in serving customers and helping each other. This unites us around a simple premise: Customers can be better served when they have a relationship with a. The First Vision - Response to Issues concerning the have been addressed in the updated MT page. about the First Vision.. The Differing Versions of the First Vision is now in the topical guide of the LDS website: First Vision Accounts This is an insightful blog on the prophet Joseph Smith's First Vision: The First re-Vision of Joseph Smith.

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Home Depot follows its vision statement and mission statement to maintain profitability in its home improvement business. Corresponding strategic objectives are based on these corporate statements.

Home Depot’s Vision Statement. Home Depot does not have an official vision statement. However, the company uses two main vision statements for its business. What is a Home? Essay Words | 7 Pages. The idea of home is a diverse and unimaginably audacious category to sum up in words.

Home is many things and none are less vital then the next, but to narrow down the vast category of home, I will focus on the structure of what a home is. First Vision Accounts Overview Joseph Smith recorded that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him in a grove of trees near his parents’ home in western .

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