The most important life lesson never quit

Shutterstock The temptation to give up is a common one, and nobody is exempt. Failure isn't something many of us can handle gracefully. And even though we know it's a common human condition, we're somehow always surprised when it happens to us.

The most important life lesson never quit

But there was one lesson that has stuck like glue. That one lesson has probably made more difference in the lifestyle that we are able to enjoy than any other. I came home from school one day to discover a printing press being delivered to our front door.

Two minutes later, I was helping to carry it down the stairs. My Dad had just started a publishing business, and he wanted me to quit my paperboy job and learn how to run a printing press.

It sounded interesting, so I worked at it for an evening or two, but then, being 13, found that it was difficult and challenging work, so I went to my dad to quit and start back to throwing papers. The amount of money you make in life is in direct proportion to the difficulty in training your replacement.

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Because it would only take an hour or two to train their replacement. That made the people who do those jobs, quite literally, into commodities. And commodities never attract a premium. Then we discussed other jobs, careers that required more knowledge and skill to perform.

Jobs like engineers, architects, and ironically, running printing presses. It takes years to teach someone how to do what needs to be done to get their knowledge and skill to a level where they are proficient. Those people are not commodities. They earn more, for a lifetime.

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I taught this to my children. One of them listened, got an unusual and valuable skill, and paid her way through college earning twice the prevailing wage in that town. She and her husband who also had a skill graduated debt-free and even had enough in savings to pay the bills until a the right job offer arrived in this tough job market.

The most important life lesson never quit

All is well and my grandson is darling! Another child ignored my encouragement.

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And, after many hours of competing with all of the other wonderful, dependable, talented, but non-skilled students, ended up with a minimum-wage job. Teach that to your kids. It will make all the difference in their life. One that applies to you.

What types of people do we pay the most? We call them gurus, speakers, consultants… …people who teach us how to build our business, give us knowledge we want to have and help us achieve our personal goals. So, instead of earning a few dollars, even a few tens of dollars an hour, these people are pocketing hundreds, even thousands of dollars per hour.

And learning to position yourself as an expert is even more important than the expertise itself. The net result of doing this is that you begin to achieve what we call expert or guru positioning. When you become one of those you get to make lots more money. And, you get to make a much bigger impact on other people and the world around you….

Which is even more fun than making lots of money! How do you achieve expert positioning? And learning to do that is one of the most important things you can do in building your life and your career.

What are you doing to build your expert status and position yourself as an expert? How do you feel about this? Let me know by posting a comment.Winners Never Quit is the delightful tale of a young girl, Mia, who loves to play soccer with her brothers and sisters.

She's good at it, too. But one part of the game she hasn't mastered: losing. 7 Reasons to Never Give Up. There are many ways to be taught a life lesson.

Often the best teacher is also the most painful. Trials, struggles and adversities can teach a great deal if we can survive them. Life's Most Important Lesson: Never Ever Give Up - If there is no failure there is no great story.

Don't stop at failure, show character and create history! 'Never Quit': The making of an Alaska pararescueman.

but the most important lesson for every countryman to learn and remember is that no matter how difficult, hopeless, or futile the. The Lesson That Changed My Life.

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My Dad had just started a publishing business, and he wanted me to quit my paperboy job and learn how to run a printing press.

And learning to do that is one of the most important things you can do in building your life and your career. 25 Inspirational Movie Quotes That Will Teach You The Most Valuable Life Lessons. Anna is a communication expert and a life enthusiast.

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