Spending money or saving money essay

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Spending money or saving money essay

Essay topic In the past children were taught how to save money, but today they only learn how to spend it. Sample essay With the increasing standard of living across the world, many claim that people are more materialistic these days.

These claims are more specifically targeted at the younger generation. Children are seen as not been taught to save, but only to spend. There may be some truth in this, but I do not agree with it completely. First, let us look at the viewpoint of those who think that children these days only know how to spend.

It is true that many children are spoilt since a young age. With the increasing financial status of young families, parents nowadays rents are busy-working professionals, some of them tend to only provide their children with money, but not teach them to manage it.

Spending money or saving money essay

This leads to children not understanding the value of money, and overspending it. However, claiming that children only learn how to spend money, is over-generalising.

Many families these days still do instil the value of money to children since a young age.

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Various programmes through schools, media, and the government are available to teach children budgeting and wise spending. Besides that, students nowadays are encouraged to take up part time jobs.

By earning money, they actually learn the value of money, and are indirectly taught to save. I do agree that more children these days are able to overspend, but I believe that it is not because they were not taught to save.

The main reason to this is the increasing standard of living, which creates a culture of materialism. I believe that with the right methods of teaching, children will learn to value money more as they grow up.Financial planning software, personal finance software, and investment software for consumers, investors, financial advisers and investment managers.

English Essay Wednesday, 7 May Money - How You Spend Your Money Wisely Do you have problem with your money spend?

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Spending problem often faced by college’s students and other teenagers because they usually spend their money for some personal stuff like magazine, entertainment, gadget.

While saving money may not . Money, spending and finance vocabulary and speaking lesson plans and teaching ideas for to help English language learners expand their financial vocabulary and increase their fluency. It’s not the most scintillating classroom topic but well-designed vocabulary worksheets & questionnaires can make it interesting enough.

With £9,a-year tuition fees, many parents are desperate to build uni funds to protect kids from huge debts. But this laudable aim could be throwing away over £25, Many students won't need to repay anything close to the cost of their tuition fees.

If that's the case, paying upfront is a. A person in the morden world depends on money, financial independendence is a purpose of a majority of people.

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However, the fact is suprised that numerous people have opted the way not accumulating money. This essay will examine the causes of this people's behaviour. From my perspective, this trend reaps both advantages and drawbacks. Manage your money and track your credit score with Mint.

Now that's being good with your money.

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