Qualitative study for apple iphone 4s

The great iPhone hunt of Then there was the software, which was entirely new and unproven. Based on Apple's OS X software for desktops, what would later become the iOS was missing any way for users to install additional applications -- something rivals had offered for years. Critics also took aim at the iPhone's inability to handle some basic things, like send MMS, copy and paste text, or multitask. More than anything, there were simply concerns whether Apple could navigate successfully into new and potentially treacherous new territory without getting tossed onto the shoals.

Qualitative study for apple iphone 4s

Parks Associates Study Apple's voice-based virtual personal assistant Siri has experienced its fair share of controversy since its release with the iPhone 4S last October -- just this month, Siri suffered through a lawsuit because one man claimed Apple misrepresented its capabilities.

Despite this fact, most iPhone 4S users seem to like Siri just fine, though they don't put its assistance to use very often. The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a survey recently released by market research and consulting company Parks AssociatesU. In additiononly about a third of owners use Siri daily or almost daily, while 87 percent use at least one of its features monthly.

Parks Associates surveyed U. The survey also found that more than 50 percent of iPhone 4S owners are "very satisfied" with Siri, while an additional 21 percent are "satisfied.

Thirty-two percent of users have never used Siri to play music, 35 percent have never used it to schedule meetings, and 30 percent have never used it to send an email. With this in mind, it's not very surprising that only 37 percent of owners would like to have a similar assistant for their TV set.

However, I would have expected more owners to want Siri for their TV set. These are the folks that rushed out to get the new iPhone 4S. Techland's Jared Newman suggests that Apple must improve Siri in several areas before users begin to take full advantage of it.

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He suggests that when Siri comes out of beta, it should feature turn-by-turn navigation and support for more third-party apps than it currently offers, among several other improvements.

Visit Techland to see his full list. What do you like to use Siri for? Are you satisfied with the app? Let us know in the comments!

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And make sure to flip through the slideshow below to view some of the best submissions from a recent contest hosted by Shapeways that asked participants to create renderings of what they imagine Siri might look like.Knowledge Base Apple iTunes How to manually delete music from your IPhone using iTunes NOTE: This has been tested within iTunes 10 Connect your iPhone and open iTunes On the left side panel within iTunes under Devices select your iPhone and choose the Summary tab at the top Under Options tick Manually manage music and videos and click the Apply button On the left side panel under .

Jan 11,  · Apple’s iPhone 4S has gained popularity and is expected to boost the company’s top line significantly in the current quarter. The new iPhone has reported strong sales in the U.S.

and U.K.

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Furthermore, with the introduction of the 4S, Apple now has a portfolio of 3 iPhone 4Ss, two downgraded iPhone 4s (8GB configuration only), and a downgraded iPhone 3GS.

Apple now has subsidized phones through carriers at the $ level, the $ level and the $0 level. design evolution of the iPhone product line.

Qualitative study for apple iphone 4s

For certain subsystems, this compari-son reveals a divergence in Apple’s design decision-making from the evolution recommended by the GVI technique. Limitations include its retrospective nature and the use of only publicly available data.

Problem Definition “ How could the iPhone 4s be improved?” Research Objectives The aim of the research was to gain an insight into what hardware and software improvements that consumers believe should be made to the current model of the iPhone, the iPhone 4s.

IPHONE 4 CASE STUDY 3 Therefore, Apple’s strategic goal was to ensure its products remained in the market and their sale in the future. The first step it took to address the antenna problem was by acknowledging the fault in the iPhone 4, which related to its antenna found on the lower left side%(4).

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