My high school principals wife

Olive Intermediate School community. I am married to Benjamin and we have two children. Our son, James, will start high school this year. We also have two, four-legged children, Jackson and Baylee, both rescues from the Humane Society.

My high school principals wife

The hallways are silent while students jot electronic notes on their school-issued iPads. Twenty miles north, on the aged, sprawling Leesburg High School campus, Shepherd-Miller's husband, Principal Bill Millerstarts his day answering a noisy black radio chirping with questions about student discipline and teacher needs.

The day has barely begun, but the pressure is in full order for Miller to resurrect one of the state's lowest-performing schools. The careers of these two principals brought them together more than a decade ago after meeting at an educational conference.

Now, after 12 years of marriage, school bonds their social lives, nighttime conversations and weekends as My high school principals wife manage the helm of two utterly disparate schools.

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They represent two extreme examples of how Florida's increasingly tough academic demands affect the disadvantaged and the privileged. They both are navigating a new state-mandated teacher-evaluation system that easily doubles their workload.

They also manage extra exam requirements for high-schoolers that put their schools in testing mode for weeks on end, while carving out time to be together.

My high school principals wife

They have no children together but consider themselves "adopted" parents of hundreds of Lake County children. She hugs the students and asks whether they had breakfast before a new state-mandated math test. The visits are a welcome break from her office, where she toils over a thick binder stuffed with new state-mandated teacher job reviews.

The reviews took months to complete and were due that day. Later, in the school's courtyard, she spots a piece of trash and steps into a small landscape in her high heels.

Her goal this year is clear: Sixty-three percent of those tested passed compared with 15 percent at Leesburg. At Leesburg, year education veteran Miller faces a pressure of an entirely different sort.

Fifty-five percent of his students receive a free or reduced-price lunch, and more than one-quarter of the school simply chose not to show up to class for at least 15 days this past grading period. Be a model for other high-school leaders trying to turn around years of poor academic performance.

Miller, 58, power-walks the scuffed hallways lined with weathered lockers reminding kids to "learn something. He enters a classroom and shakes a student from his sleep. He learned that someone cut the stars out of a campus flag, and after chatting with deputies, he stands watch over his crowded lunchroom as students trickle back to class.

Despite every effort to keep staff and students motivated, the victories can be small some days. Together, they compare notes on education strategies, state mandates and parents.

Their schools' performance keeps a healthy competition between them and shapes their lives together. And despite their vastly different campuses, the two think the same kind of learning can happen at either place with the right motivation and direction from teachers.His wife teaches at one of our elementary schools and he was a graduate of Brownsburg High School.

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The sun is just peeking over the hills of Clermont when Lake Minneola High School Principal Linda Shepherd-Miller starts her day touring the shiny, new campus. The hallways are silent while students. A STUDY OF PRINCIPALS‘ INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORS AND California public high school principals‘ leadership behaviors and beliefs, serving among this study focused on principals‘ instructional leadership behaviors and their beliefs toward good pedagogical practice, either a constructivist or instructivist. My best friend, an amazing teacher himself, encouraged me to return to school to become a teacher and a coach. I spent two years coaching high school soccer and teaching 4 th grade in a small town in Wyoming, near where I grew up.

Assistant Principal Al Levin at Linwood (Lower) Campus. Welcome to the school year! My name is Al Levin and I am proud to be the Linwood Monroe Arts .

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Leadership Tools for School Principals is a survival guide for those who are, or who aspire to be, effective school principals.

Dr. Nelson Coulter leverages his many years of experience as a school . Husband and wife Chris and Christine Simpson both serve as high school principals in Leander ISD. Chris is the new principal of Leander High School, and Christine leads Rouse High School.

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My name is Charles Stevens, and it is an honor and a privilege to serve as principal of Lee-Davis High School. L-DHS, as part of the Hanover County Public School Division, has a strong tradition and commitment to excellence in education. COTTONWOOD — A familiar face will return to Cottonwood to serve as Prairie Jr.-Sr.

High School (PJSHS) principal next year. Jon Rehder, a Prairie graduate, will fill the lead role at the start of the school year. “[My wife and I] are just glad we’re coming back to the prairie.

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