Maine essays

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Maine essays

Online exhibits illustrate the essays and tell the stories of people, events, and ideas that have helped to make Maine Maine. A generous three-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded in has made Maine History Online possible. The more than 20, documents, images and artifacts on Maine Memory Network provide the base from which Maine History Online exhibits are drawn.

The collaboration of many organizations in Maine Memory Network informs Maine History Online and offers many points of entry into the exploration of Maine's history. Philosophy of MHO Maine History Online began with the assumption that connecting events and issues among communities, and with regional, national, and international histories, as well as exploring relationships, influence and influences would be crucial to telling the story of Maine.

Actions and reactions, along with links and disconnects help to make a place what it is. Connections are as important as uniqueness. If we limit our vision inward, we miss much of the story. On the television weather forecaster's map, for instance, Maine may look like a solitary outpost at the northeast corner of a vast nation.

But life, business, government, war, and peace in Maine never have been limited to — or by — that inaccurate picture of Maine's location. A more realistic view of the land that came to be know as Maine can be seen from the vantage point of the North Atlantic.

Trade winds and trade routes, ocean currents and ocean life, connecting landmasses and proximity to disconnected one — these are the setting for the story of Maine, an area that has played an important, but varying, national and international role for many hundreds of years.

Understanding Maine's history means telling — and re-examining — the best-known stories about the state. It means shifting perspective and point of view to see communities, people, events, and issues in new ways. It means examining the rich primary sources to ask new questions and begin new conversations.

Steering Committee and Advisory Group Comprising scholars and others with expertise in Maine history, the Steering Committee of Scholars met in several times in to brainstorm ideas about the stories that are crucial to any examination of Maine history, the themes that should be included, the arrangement of chronological sections, and strategies for including community input into the structure and content of Maine History Online.

In addition, a Board of Advisory Scholars from outside Maine offered advice, feedback, and support to the project. The committee began with a conviction that it is important to: James Henderson, retired Maine State Archivist and independent historian.

Judd's primary field of interest is U. He also leads graduate seminars in U. Judd is editor of Maine Historical Society's quarterly journal, Maine History, and in conjunction with its publication, offers a graduate practicum in editing and producing a historical journal.

He is the author of numerous article and books, including The Untilled Garden: Kimball, associate professor of history at the University of Maine at Machias, is the author of the Thematic essays.

Kimball, who has taught at Machias sincehas a Ph. Her research interests include local and regional history, and she worked for several years on a multi-disciplinary Maine Humanities Council grant-funded study of an African American community in Machias.

As a result, she created a textile collection, "Appalachian Traces: Landscape Studies in Textiles. The quilted panels were based on what Kimball learned about those industries and their impact on the environment. De Wolfe's research explores ordinary women who for extraordinary reasons find themselves the subject of public discussion and public print.

She also is the author of Such News of the Land: Edwards and Domestic Broils: Candace Kanes was the editor and curator of the site and author of a number of the exhibits that accompany the essays.


She holds a Ph. Among her publications are "Serious and Ambitious Career Women: The Essays The essays that anchor each Time Period, each Theme, and the Thinking About History section provide an overview of the topic or time period, set the context, and provide the jumping off point for further inquiry by the reader.

The essays do not cover every event, issue, or important individual in Maine history. Rather, they give a sense of some of the topics in the state's history that help explain trends and connections, and they serve as context for better understanding the online exhibits that accompany them as well as the many thousands of individual items on Maine Memory Network.

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The essays, like the exhibits, also connect Maine's story to that of the region, of the nation, and, when appropriate, of the world. Studying any history — family, local, state, region, or nation — without considering the larger picture of history, can bring an incomplete and distorted view of the past.

To improve readability, we chose to forego footnotes or endnotes. A bibliography of sources for the site can be accessed from the bottom of the sidebar on each page.The Maine Woods (Penguin Nature Library) [Henry David Thoreau, Edward Hoagland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Maine essays

Home Essays Tom of Maine. Tom of Maine. Topics: Corporation, Tom's of Maine: “Doing Business” Means “Doing Good” Tom's of Maine was one of the first natural health care companies to distribute outside normal channels. The Age of Imperialism: An online History. This history unit covers United States expansionism around the turn of the century, with many links to related sites.

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