Indian weddings

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Indian weddings

Indian weddings

The rituals have evolved a great deal since traditional times and of course, differ greatly from Western ceremonies.

Modern Indian weddings are as diverse as the many regions throughout the Indian continent and can involve all the rituals of traditional ceremonies, or can be tailored by the bride and groom and their families based on their own traditions and backgrounds.

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This Indian weddings covers the most important components of a traditional Hindu wedding to help you begin your planning so you can make your own wedding an authentic and memorable affair! For more information follow these links for or more detail on Hindu and several other regional Indian wedding ceremonies including BengaliGujarat iKashmiri and more.

Before the Wedding There are several important ceremonies that take place in the days before your wedding; the first is Misri — the ring ceremony. This will take place several days before your wedding and calls for seven married women to draw the sign of Lord Ganesha in red powder spread above a bowl of rock sugar.

The next ceremony, Mehendi, takes place the day before the wedding at a ladies-only afternoon tea. Intricate patterns drawn with mehendi henna are applied to your hands and feet and symbolize the deepening of bonds with your future husband.

Q: Is it true that Indian weddings last for several days? What will I be expected to attend?

Next he will perform the Ghari Puja — a series of prayers combined with offerings of wheat, coconut, betel nuts, rice and spices for prosperity. Both mothers will don their wedding clothes and walk to the doorways of their respective homes with earthenware pots containing water on their heads — the water will be cut with a knife to ward off evil spirits, and relatives and friends will then adorn the parents with flowers and money.

The fun is just getting started as you begin the next ceremony called Sangeet. This is a joyous nighttime party held the evening before the wedding and is an opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the moment with music, dancing and food. Just make sure you get some sleep — you have a big day tomorrow!

The Day of the Wedding The day begins with the Haldi ritual, in which you are cleansed at your home with turmeric powder.

This is followed by the Swagatam ceremony, in which your female relatives help you dress in your wedding sari. The next ceremonial functions include Pratigna Karan, Shila Arohan and Laja Horma — in which you drop an offering of puffed rice over the sacred fire — and Lawan Phere, which legalizes your union as you walk around the sacred fire four times, touching a stone on each turn which represents your ability to overcome the obstacles you will face ahead.


You will turn to the north and take seven steps as you recite seven mantras that symbolize: There are a few more post-nuptial rituals and traditions that you and your family may chose to add after Saptapadi, and there are many additional rituals that typically carry on for a few days afterwards — the choice is up to you!

Indian Wedding Photography An Indian wedding provides a rich tapestry of color and vibrant images that lend themselves to create striking wedding photographs. At the location of your wedding the elaborately decorated Mandap provides a stunning prop in which you will have many pictures taken.

Simply relax and be in the moment — and let your photographer take care of the rest. Bold colors such as red, burgundy, orange and gold are typical of Indian weddings — and even your sari will be bright and vibrant — so different from traditional Western white wedding gowns!New for - Destination Weddings Indian Style!

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Indian weddings

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Nov 14,  · If there is a formula for attracting Indian weddings, the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Va., seems to have it perfected. The hotel has hosted Indian weddings . Indian Wedding Site helps South Asians planning their Indian Wedding in America. Find Indian wedding vendors and advice on clothing, cards, jewelry, decorations, favors, outfits, music and traditions. Traditionally, Indian wedding extends to be a week long affair and speaks of the tradition, culture and heritage of the country. In Indian wedding, there is an event for almost everything.

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