Iban funeral ceremonies essay

When he was eighty years old, Kadam went to stay in his farm hut to protect his padi from being invaded by wild boars. His son Garik did not want him to go to the farm, because of his great age, but he went anyway. After several days, Garik went to visit him at the farm.

Iban funeral ceremonies essay

A celebration in a family gives pleasure to all the Members of the family. Friends and relatives also attend the occasion and share the pleasure. Pleasure multiplies when there is a wedding in the family.

I drew immense pleasure when the marriage ceremony of my cousin was held. It was performed on 23rd of the last month. We had not seen any marriage celebration in our family beforehand.

My cousin was the first child to be married in the family. Her marriage was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Preparations for the marriage started one month before the celebration. My parents and my uncle and aunt spent a whole week making necessary purchases. The whole house was colour washed.

The doors were republished. Our house looked like a bride. Many kinds of gold ornaments were bought for my cousin. Several clothes were also purchased for all the family members and relatives.

My cousin herself chose clothes for her. Invitation cards were printed and were sent to friends and relatives.

Iban funeral ceremonies essay

There was a great excitement and joy among us to see the preparations for the wedding celebration in our family, Decorations were made on the day before the marriage ceremony. A shrine was prepared for the celebration. It was also decorated with paper flowers. The canopy above the shrine was made of coloured cloths.

Another big canopy was put up in the open ground in front of our house. An electrician with his four assistants decorated the closed space with a number of multi-coloured electric lamps. The space was meant for the marriage feast. Rows of tables were arranged on three sides. The tables were covered with white sheets of cloth.

On one side chairs were arranged for the guests. Sweets were made and kept for the guests. The feast on the date of marriage was very delicious. My parents were very busy. My aunt and uncle were also terribly engaged in different works.

Our relatives were making our house a noisy place. The ladies were busy with religious ceremonies. Two cooks were engaged to prepare the dinner for the guests and the bridegroom party members.

Cold- drinks were ready. Large quantities of fresh fruits Were also arranged for the guests. My father and uncle stood at the gate to receive the guests. The marriage party arrived at-seven in the evening- First, the guests were served sweets and cold drinks. Many guests had brought different gifts for my cousin who was the bride.

The marriage party members were very gentle.May 22,  · Funeral Rites- Lost Misery Taken from "Necroeater" I am not attempting to take credit for this song. This song is the work of Funeral Rites. Lyrics (by Funeral . Feb 19,  · "Ngerapoh" - The Iban Funeral Custom THE ORIGIN OF NGERAPOH Miring Ceremony Before Planting Padi Begin.

The Dayak Iban Craftman.

User Contributions: People have contemplated the meaning of life and death since humans started walking the face of the Earth.

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Search Results. Expensive Wedding Ceremonies In India Generally, all weddings involve as many kin and associates of the bride and groom as possible.

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