Evolution of horror

Fear continues to fascinate people. Charles Thompson Flickr As a literary genre, horror has many definitions.

Evolution of horror

Over the course of a century, film horror as it appears in film has gone through many peaks and troughs, leading us into the somewhat contentious period we find ourselves in today. The First Ever Horror Movie? The origins of horror as a film genre begin with—as with many things in cinema history—the works of George Mellies.

Things were starting to roll at this point as we move into… The Golden Age of Horror Widely considered to be the finest era of the genre, the two decades between the s and 30s saw many classics being Evolution of horror, and can be neatly divided down the middle to create a separation between the silent classics and the talkies.

And as well as unnerving its viewers, the genre was starting to worry the general public at this point with heavy censoring and public outcry becoming common with each release.

The Hammer horror company, while founded inonly started to turn prolific during the fifties but when it did, it was near global dominance thanks to a lucrative distribution deal with Warner and a few other U. Another hallmark of the 40ss era of horror came as a product of the times.

The Gimmicky Years 3D glasses? Electric buzzers installed into theatre seats? Paid stooges in the audience screaming and pretending to faint?

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Everything and anything was tried during the 50s and 60s in an attempt to further scare cinema audiences. This penchant for interactivity spilled over into other genres during the period, but quickly died down in part due to the massive amounts of expense involved. For horror in particular, this gave way to the opposite end of the spectrum: All Hell Breaks Loose Literally.

Occult was the flavor of the day beween the 70s and 80s, particularly when it came to houses and kids being possessed by the Devil. The reason for this cultural obsession with religious evil during this period could fill an entire article on its own, but bringing it back into the cinema realm we can boil the trend down to two horror milestones: Supernatural horror was now very much back in vogue, and harking back to its cinematic origins, literature once again became the source material.

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Plenty of imitators and rip-offs followed too, particularly in the Holiday-themed department. Some were a lot better than others as the genre descended to its most kitschy. The Doldrums Suffering from exhaustion in the wake of a thousand formulaic slasher movies and their sequels, the genre lost steam as it moved into the 90s.

But it was comedy that ended up saving the day. The genre as a whole limped on without much fanfare into the s save for a few box office successes.

The Present Day The state of the horror industry is hotly contested. On the other hand, glimmers of hope shine through with examples of extreme originality and artistry.

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Sep 06,  · This video will focus on the evolution of Horror Video games from the years – while showing you some amazing facts that you probably didn’t know. The Evolution of Horror.

The Evolution of the Horror Genre A look at horror films past, present and future. Story by Bailey Mount Editor-in-Chief & Jason Lauckner Chief Executive Producer. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Dark Descent: The Evolution of Horror at lausannecongress2018.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The First Ever Horror Movie? The origins of horror as a film genre begin with—as with many things in cinema history—the works of George Mellies.

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Evolution of horror

They review Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge in spoilerific detail, and also recommend other J & K Horror favourites including Pulse, Dark Water, One Missed Call, The Eye and A .

The horror movie genre showed up right after movies did, with "The House of the Devil" () regarded as the first one. A Timeline of the History of Hollywood Horror Movies Search the site GO.

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