Child criminals

If you don't see how a sightless childhood could be turned into a life of sophisticated crime, you're apparently not aware of phone hacking. At around age 11, Matthew fell in with a shady bunch known as " phreakers. Those lines operate on tones, and mastering them could get you all kinds of access we once told you about a guy who got free long distance by blowing into his phone with a whistle he got out of a cereal box. Among the phreakers, Matthew gained the nickname that would eventually describe him so well -- Lil' Hacker.

Child criminals

Email Copy Link Copied Any vicious and brutal crimes are hard for us to stomach. Most people wonder how anyone can kill another person, even in situations when they have to. Finding out that there was an element of torture involved is extra sickening.

A lot of the times, we can blame it on their upbringing, or something tragic that happened to them. Maybe they were abused as a child? Perhaps they were too often exposed to violence? Or maybe they developed a psychological disorder as they grew up.

Some crimes are committed as acts of lust or passion. Others are built up over the years because of ongoing conflicts and jealousy. Although murder is never acceptable, some people enjoy investigating things such as these to figure out why evil humans act the way they do.

When the situation involves a child, it can be all the more confusing to us. Children are the most innocent and pure individuals. But when you have a child committing such violent and brutal acts, thoughts like these have no merit. What causes a child to murder Child criminals harm someone else in a brutal way?

Perhaps looking at cases like these will help, or maybe it will always remain a mystery. Here are the 15 most brutal crimes ever committed by children. Lionel Tate is believed to be one of the youngest boys ever sentenced to life in prison without parole for the brutal murder of a 6-year-old girl.

A young girl, Tiffany, was found dead in the home of Lionel Tate, after his mother agreed to babysit the girl. At first, no one was sure why the child had been found not breathing in their home, but two days later, an autopsy proved that there might be a sinister reason for her death.

The results showed that the young girl suffered fractures to her skull as well as a ton of internal bruising.

10 Horrible Crimes Committed By Children - Listverse

After being convicted of life in prison, he was eventually granted a new trial and given short terms of house arrest and probation. Would you do so if you knew it would result in your murder? Unfortunately, this was the case for the family of a young girl from Alberta.

The girl had had an ongoing relationship with the older man. Obviously, because of their age difference, many problems occurred. He then killed her mother and father and urged the young girl to stab her little brother.

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She did so, but was unable to finish the job, so he finished him off. Aiding was enough to still have her sentenced to prison until she reached 18, with years of supervision after.

They first broke in through an open window to rob the apartment, but upon finding the woman sleeping, they decided to do something much more sinister. Each of the three boys took turns raping the year-old woman in her own bed while the other two boys held a gun to her.

Luckily all three boys have been arrested and will most likely be tried as adults.

10 of the Most Horrific Murders Committed by Children

No one likes doing the dishes or cleaning their rooms, but they still have to when mom asks. Well, one child thought he had the ultimate way out of doing chores — shooting his mom. Instead, he used it against her because he did not feel like doing the chores she asked him to do.

It was later discovered that the young boy was often subject to physical and verbal abuse from his mother, who slapped him only moments before being shot by him. The boy will be tried as a child, as many believe his abuse led to the incident and that he will have the ability to be rehabilitated while imprisoned.

The matter of the case was what made it very disturbing. Christopher was a troubled child who had issues with anger and depression.A report on the causes of violence in a child.

The 5 Most Diabolical Crimes Planned and Executed by Kids

Little Criminals. It was an unthinkable crime. In California, a six-year-old boy entered the home of . The idea that a child could have no innate empathy and that some could be manipulative and dangerous to society is one that many people struggle to accept. Child pornography is a form of child sexual exploitation, and each image graphically memorializes the sexual abuse of that child.

Each child involved in the production of an image is a victim of sexual abuse. Child Criminals: A Legacy of Failure, a Chance for Progress.

Child criminals

Locking up children who commit crimes has unintended consequences -- for families, communities and society. By Scott Fields. Child criminals should get lifelong anonymity, official report says Government-commissioned review says change in law could help .

Child criminals should be given lifelong anonymity to reduce reoffending rates, a government-commissioned review has recommended.

10 Horrible Crimes Committed By Children - Listverse