Business plan video pitch

Getty Images When you pitch a company on your idea, you have just a few seconds to grab its attention and pique its interest. There's no better way of doing that than with a visual aid.

Business plan video pitch

The owner should communicate what information he wants to see in the pitch so the meeting can be as positive and productive as possible.

business plan video pitch

Step 1 Discuss the current environment. Outline the economic climate of the industry the company operates in and the general economy. This information forms the backdrop for the presentation -- providing the business owner with an idea of whether it is possible to achieve significant revenue growth in the upcoming year or whether the company will be battling a sluggish economy and slowly growing industry.

Discuss the competitive environment, focusing on whether current competitors are expected to get stronger and whether new competitors are likely to enter the market.


Talk about new target markets, new distribution channels and other important changes to the way the company markets its products or services. Present the major goals to be achieved, including revenue increases, which could be shown by product category, by region or both.

business plan video pitch

Step 3 Explain how the marketing department intends to reach the goals it has set. Outline the strategies and tactics that will be deployed. Strategies show the methods to achieve revenue growth, such as online advertising and trade show attendance. Tactics are the specific, highly detailed steps to implement each strategy.

Advertising tactics would include the media selected and the frequency of ad placement.

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Step 4 Include a table that summarizes the monthly projected revenues and marketing expenses for the upcoming year. Justify why additional resources -- people and money -- are needed to achieve the forecast revenue results. Step 5 Close the pitch on an enthusiastic note.

Tip During the pitch, the information is often presented using slideshow software. In addition, the complete marketing plan document should be made available to the participants in the pitch meeting.

This document contains detailed explanations of the points covered in the pitch, along with statistical information backing up the conclusions.Title: The Business Plan Pitch 1 The Business Plan Pitch. Kirstie Chadwick ; Director; 2 Very Important Point. You are NOT pitching a great idea, team or product ; You ARE pitching what your business will do for investors and for customers ; SO, pitch how your business will solve a tangible.

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