Business plan for a grocery store

Discount Store Business Plan Dollar stores and discount retail corporations can target key demographics and establish projects within the residential market by using this free, printable business plan.

Business plan for a grocery store

We are seeking joint financing from our local Economic Development Fund. Viking Stores—Springfield, will be incorporated initially as a corporation. This will shield the owners and all other investors from issues of personal liability.

The investors will be treated as shareholders and therefore will not be liable for more than their personal investment. The financing, in addition to the capital contributions from the owner and shareholders, will allow our store to successfully open and maintain operations through the year.

A large initial capital investment will allow our store to provide its customers with a fully featured grocery store. A unique, upscale, and innovative environment is required to provide the customer with an atmosphere that business plan for a grocery store inspire continued use.

The successful operation of year one will provide our store with customers that will allow it to be self-sufficient in year two. The Viking Store concept, as shown in our plan, has an excellent profitability level and growth rate.

Our competitive edge, along with new retail techniques and technology, puts our store in the forefront of the retailing of perishable and nonperishable consumer goods.

Grocery Store Business Plan - Executive summary, Company summary, Products, Market analysis summary

We are living in an age where unique grocery store environments are in great demand. Our store will differ from the traditional grocery store because of our added personal touch.

Objectives As a leading wholesale distributor, our commitment is to provide quality products and services in a cost-effective manner, enabling Viking retailers to excel in serving their customers.

If you're interested in being supplied by Viking Stores, Inc. This strong belief in people is the determining factor that motivates our operations in developing our relationship with our employees and customers.

We believe that our responsibility for customer satisfaction is not focused solely on the sale of a product, but rather is the total relationship a customer experiences when interacting with our organization. We believe in honesty and truth in all transactions and in providing products of the highest quality and at fair prices.

We should do everything possible to provide outstanding service in marketing the products we sell.

Grocery Store Business Plan - Executive summary, Company summary, Products, Market analysis summary

Our philosophy of concern for people gives our Viking Store the drive to be a good corporate citizen. We believe we have a responsibility to be a good neighbor in maintaining our property in first-class condition and by making the appearance of our plant, facilities, equipment, and grounds as attractive as possible, making them an asset to the communities that support our company.

We at Viking Store of Springfield, are committed to bringing you the best all-around shopping experience. Our nice pledge campaign includes an intense training session for all of our employees, and a firm understanding and commitment to deliver these pledge points at the Viking Store in Springfield, Missouri.

Advantage of Selling Viking Brands Viking Stores' commitment to quality over the years has strengthened the integrity of the Viking brand. Most private labels can't hold a candle to the quality of Viking products.

An extensive line of over 2, Viking products can be sold throughout your store— from the produce department to the health and beauty care aisle.

An overwhelming acceptance of products bearing the Viking name has made this brand one of the top sellers in the Midwest. An established loyalty among customers keeps them buying Viking brands.

Offers customers a double-your-money-back guarantee which encourages them to buy with confidence. Allows the retail store to be part of a community contribution program. This program also promotes loyalty for Viking brand products.

As a result of five acquisitions sinceViking Stores, Inc. Company History At the end ofa group of independent grocers discussed forming a cooperative to create buying power for group members. In early27 members incorporated the Kansas City Grocery Company, a name it kept until when the company became Viking Stores, Inc.

Although the company changed its cooperative status to "for profit status" in the early s, the publicly held company did not become publicly traded on the NASDAQ until August following Viking Stores' merger with Morgan Food Town in St.

Currently it will be owned and operated by Jones Stewart and his investors. Location We have located the ideal location for our operation.Viking Grocery Stores–Springfield, will be located in the old Lloyd building, located at South Johnson Street, in the heart of Springfield, Missouri.

This business plan is prepared to obtain joint financing in the amount of $2,,, to begin work on site preparation and modifications.

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Starting an Grocery Store – Sample Business Plan Template. a. Make an Entry of Products That Sell In Your Location-: This is the first step you need to take when planning to start out a retail can visit other grocery stores in the area to know products that people request more of.

Amazon is breaking into physical retail in a new way, revealing a concept for a physical grocery store on Monday called Amazon Go. feels that it is important to know what you are buying.

business plan for a grocery store

Below are complete business plans that exemplify the complete business plans sold on our website. Save money on hundreds of brands in store or online with Find printable coupons for grocery and top brands. Get verified coupon codes daily. The smaller store to open in spring will feature a large deli area with a selection of Quick and Easy and made-to-order meals, a popcorn shop, a produce section modeled after a farmers market.

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