Astral records ltd case report

Hubert Pearce with Joseph Banks Rhine.

Astral records ltd case report

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Perceiving and Generating Thought-Forms Thought-forms occupy two planes or "implicate orders" in occult thought: This is true to a significant enough extent that such assertions can be brought into the realm of empirical verification and therefore objectivity.

Our prominent personal thought-forms can be clairvoyantly observed hovering around us in our energy field s. Late American physicist Michael Talbot recorded some fascinating clairvoyant observations in his excellent book The Holographic Universe.

For example, once during a reading, American "human energy field consultant" Carol Dryer saw a bunch of potatoes whirling around a woman's head.

She was at first dumbfounded but summoned her courage and asked the woman if potatoes had any special meaning for her. As it turned out, the woman was from the Idaho Potato Board, or something roughly equivalent. In other words, potatoes were a very significant and meaningful part of her life.

Such images don't always just hover around the person in their aura, but sometimes appear as extensions of the body or proximal layer of the auric field - a fact not so surprising when we consider some of the evidence marshaled in my book The Grand Illusion - Book 1 TGI 1.

Astral records ltd case report

Telepathically generated triangular electro-photonic aura around the right index finger of Uri Geller. This image was generated in a controlled experiment run by James L. Hickman by the mental intention of a small group of observers "willing" the shape of a triangle to Geller's mind.

The result at bottom is an obviously triangular electro-photonic glow surrounding the finger, captured using Kirlian photography. The two regular glows above were control images.

Other forms produced in this fashion were a circle and a straight line. Dakin, High Voltage Photography second edition. Another of Dryer's clients had a hologram-like layer of mud clinging to her hands and arms.

This baffled Dryer pictured belowgiven the woman's immaculate presentation, so she asked if the woman could understand the image. Jeffrey Mishlove Psychics of Dryer's advanced abilities of which there appear to be comparatively few are also able to see movie-like sequences playing in people's energy fields.

The most emotionally powerful memories or precious thoughts manifest in this fashion. Likewise, illness can also be detected by psychics such as Dryer and Brennan, a notion with considerable scientific support now.

The unique properties of Carol Dryer.

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Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. A line drawing of Thao, a highly evolved being from Thiaoouba, who shared much knowledge with Michel. As always in such contact-cases the "watchers" do not provide pictures of themselves - or allowing too convincing proofs to be made.

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